Grief recovery method

Grief Recover and the Grief Recovery Method

After many years of working with clients to design and make memorials for loved ones, I have often felt that I would like to have some form of training to be able to provide qualified support to clients to help them through their loss and grief.

The Grief Recovery Method

Having been introduced to the Grief Recovery method some years ago and studying the programme, I trained to become a practitioner at the beginning of 2020. The course went really well and I felt it to be of enormous value to my life. The Grief Recovery Method can be used to talk about so many losses in our lives: death, divorce, redundancy, loss of health, pet loss and many others.

The practical programme is carefully taught, with every practitioner trained the same way to ensure that the course offers supportive guidance every step of the way. The course provides a safe environment where you are given specific tools to help you recover from loss.

As I completed the course, I looked forward to offering the programme on a 1:1 basis - but then Covid 19 arrived, suddenly grief, loss, fear and change are being experienced by so many.

The training was adapted so that we can now provide an online programme, with 1:1 support. Hopefully we will soon be able to offer the programme in person again. If you would like to learn more about the programme and how it runs, then please do not hesitate to contact me on 01788 824129 or

I also have a Facebook Page dedicated to the Grief Recovery method with regular posts that cover many of the losses we are all facing which you may find as a useful source of information.

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