Memorial renovations

Renovations, repairs and cleaning

We offer a renovation service for memorials, from cleaning through to full renovations. Work can include stonework repairs, repainting and re-gilding. We will carry out a no obligation survey and provide a price to carry out any necessary renovation.

Often, for stones where the lettering paint or gilding has worn away, we can renovate the memorials in situ. This offers a more affordable way to renovate the memorial and make the lettering clear again. Where necessary, for some older stones we can re-fix the stones to the latest NAMM regulations.

War memorials

We also offer a renovation service for larger memorials, such as war memorials and other public commemorations. We have undertaken a number of successful projects throughout Northamptonshire and Warwickshire. One example, is the repointing of the war memorial in Harpole cemetery, replacing the missing lead letters together with repainting the letters on all the panels. When asked, we have also corrected historic spelling mistakes as part of the renovation. Please don't hesitate to contact us for more details or just an informal chat.

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