Additional Inscriptions

We also offer a service to add additional inscriptions to headstones, cremation plaques or any type of memorial. We will visit the graveyard to assess the stone and provide a no obligation report. Our service would include cleaning, adding the additional inscription and re-fixing the stone to NAMM standards.

More examples of gravestones that have been cleaned and had an additional inscription added:

We take great care to match the new inscription to the original font. We will regild (in gold leaf) or repaint the original inscription as necessary. This ensures that the memorial will be refixed in the cemetery with the whole inscription looking as one.

Regulations check

Cemetery regulations can change over time. We always check the relevant church or cemetery rules to ensure that any additional inscription will meet their current guidelines. Generally though, the additional inscription will always be approved if it matches the font and lettering finish of the original one.


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