St Winnow Churchyard

Individual cremation stones

Below are some examples of cremation stones which have been designed in close cooperation with the families.

Cremation stones, plaques and tablets

The following images show just some of the many cremation stones, plaques and tablets that we offer.  Each design is available in a variety of stones. The carvings shown are just for illustration - every stone will be designed to your individual requirements and to meet cemetery regulations.

Stone types

We offer cremation stones in a range of stone types including limestones, granites, slates and sandstones. We will also advise on the suitability of a stone for a particular location or use. For example, if a stone will be beneath a tree, some stones types are more durable than others. There is more information on different stone types one our headstones page. Cremation stones are available in a number of standard sizes and we can also create totally unique designs. If you have seen something that you like in a cemetery, please feel free to send us a photograph and we will be able to identify the stone type and style.

Lettering types

There are three main lettering techniques which we use:
Sandblasted. In most cases we sandblast our inscriptions. This is the most cost-effective way of lettering. We blast to depth that means the lettering finish will last for a longer period. It also means that the letters can be repainted (many years in the future!) easily and cost-effectively.
Deep Sandblasted. Some memorial designs warrant a deeper sandblasted letter. This can be particularly on stones such as York or Celtic limestone. These deeper cut letters can often be left unpainted, or just varnished, as the shadow in the letters makes them easy to read.
Hand cut. This is the most expensive type of lettering but sometimes the design will benefit from this kind of lettering. Quite often it is used on a memorial where there are fewer letters and the form of the lettering is as important a design feature as the inscription.

Cemetery regulations

The rules regarding what will be permitted in different churchyards and municipal cemeteries can vary widely. Stone type, stone size, lettering style and wording may all be subject to local regulations. We are familiar with these rules and maintain good relations with local vicars, churchwardens and municipal authorities. We will advise families on what is possible during our initial discussions and can liaise with the authorities where additional guidance and clarification is required. We will also complete the necessary application forms on your behalf and advise on any fees.

We can also supply a wide range of vases either to match existing memorials or as stand-alone memorials. 

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