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Individual headstones

Below are some examples of headstones which are individually designed in close cooperation with the families, to create a memorial which is a fitting tribute to the deceased. Quite often motifs are included, on the front or back, that have a personal attachment to the family. Further down the page are some blank gravestones to show some of the stone types and shapes that are available. We can make any shape in any stone type.

Headstone types

The following images show just some of the headstone designs we offer. Each design is available in a variety of stone types. The carvings shown are just for illustration - every memorial will be designed to your individual requirements and to meet the relevant cemetery regulations.

Stone types

We offer a wide range of stone types including granite, slate, limestone and sandstone. Some natural limestones and sandstones patinate with age, which some clients prefer for a more natural finish. In different circumstances a family may prefer a harder stone which will maintain its original appearance and is virtually maintenance free. Many granites have a high mirrored finish but we can also supply granite with a honed finish giving it a more matt or satin finish.

The durability of the different stone types and finishes varies and we will advise on the suitability of a stone for a particular location or use. As with any natural product, there can be variations in the colour and markings on the stone. To ensure that you are able to make the best choice, we can show you samples of the different stone types. We can also advise on local cemeteries which have a range of our memorials in different stone types. By visiting the cemetery you will be able to see the weathering properties of the stones and the changes in patina as they age.

Alternatively, if you have seen a type and style of memorial that you are interested in, we are generally able to match it if you send us a photograph. This can be useful if you would like to match a new memorial with existing family memorials.

Lettering types

There are three lettering techniques which we use: sandlasted, deep sandblasted and hand cut.
Sandblasting is the way that most inscriptions are cut and is the most cost-effective way of lettering. The lettering finish will have a long life and, many years in the future, the letters can be easily repainted.
Depending on the design of the memorial, we may use deep sandblasting. These letters can just be varnished, or left unpainted, as it is the light and shadow that makes them easy to read. This can work particularly well on stones such as Celtic limestone and York stone.
Hand cut lettering and is used where the form and shape of the lettering is an integral part of the design. is the most expensive type of lettering but is often where there are fewer letters.

Ceramic photo plaques

We are often asked to include a photo plaque on a memorial. The family supply an electronic image or a photgraph that we can scan. We then arrange for the photo plaque to be made and fix it securely to the memorial.

Carved designs

Our approach to carved designs is led by the motif required. We can carve in bas relief for specific images or we can design images to be etched and then painted on the stones. There are examples of the different techniques on the Carved Details page.

We can also supply a wide range of vases

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