Frequently asked questions

Some questions crop up quite often so we have included some answers below:

Can I put any design of gravestone in my local cemetery?

The rules vary between different cemeteries and dioceses. These rules can cover the overall design, the size and type of stone, the wording used and the style and colour of lettering.

How soon after the funeral can a gravestone be fitted?

For burials and standing headstones, a delay of 6-9 months is normal. For cremation plaques, it may be possible to fit them sooner depending on the ground conditions and the size of the stone.

How do different gravestones types weather?

The durability of the different stone types and finishes does vary. Granites will maintain their original appearance for many years. Natural limestones and sandstones are softer than granite and will patinate with age, which can give a more natural finish. As with any natural product, there can be variations in the colour and markings on the stone.

How is the lettering made on a headstone

There are three main lettering techniques: sandlasted, deep sandblasted and hand cut. Sandblasting is the most common and cost-effective way of lettering. Deep sandblasted letters can be left unpainted, using the shadow to make them easy to read. Hand cut lettering and is normally used where a special form and shape of lettering is integral to the design.

Can I have a colour image on my memorial?

Yes, you can have a photo plaque for a picture of a loved one. For larger images, these can be laser etched onto the stone. Carved features can also be painted or gilded.

Why has my family gravestone been taken down?

If a headstone has started to lean and is considered unstable, the cemetery authorities have a reponsibility to make it safe and may lay it down. We can arrange to have the stone refitted to NAMM regulations.

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